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February 27, 2018
by Jayden

Why I love reptiles

This is Carter ^

Scaly, gross, scary and cold blooded, Why would anyone love reptiles!? Well actually I think, why would anyone not love them? Sure they can be gross but cats and dogs can be gross too. Scaly is actually less gross than fur in my opinion because they don’t shed everywhere, just once and a while and in one piece. If you are afraid of reptiles than you probably don’t like them. If you are afraid or scared of them just know that they are not going to hurt you if they are treated properly, just like a furry companion. The fact that they are cold blooded shouldn’t make you dislike them because the only difference is that they can’t create their own body heat. Being “cold blooded” has been turned into a saying that means you are mean or don’t have a heart but I think that’s just rude to the reptiles. I own a garter snake and I am hoping for a leopard gecko in the near future. My snake’s name is Carter (because it rhymes with garter). I got Carter from the wild and he is an amazing pet. Garter snakes are said to be one of the most active kind of snake and I do think that is true but my garter actually is super calm. I got him from the wild so even though I don’t have the highest hopes that he will live a full life, their average life span is around 10 years. I think he is very young because he is super small compared to the average 2 foot long snakes that I usually see. I have seen a tiny baby that was about the size of my little finger! I nick named it pumpkin because it is more orange than carter and I found it in October. I couldn’t find a picture of pumpkin but this is another snake that I have caught, he is bigger than she was.

I think I named him sssteve, or something like that.


Thanks for reading my post! Please comment if you like, or dislike reptiles and why.

Bye and have a cake-filled day 😀


November 28, 2017
by Jayden

My New House!

Hi Guys and welcome to my blog.

My family is in a complicated state at the moment. Let me explain, my Papa has been in an old folks home for almost a year now. About 1 week after he moved there my parents suggested that we should move into his place because it is an amazing house, it’s right on the beach, It has been in my dad’s family for years and it suits our family much better than the house we live in now. This was last year in December so I was in 6th grade. I knew that the grade 7’s had an amazing last months at the end of the year because they were finishing elementary. I wanted to stay and finish my years at our school and I got to. This July is when we are officially moving.

I love the house and on the weekends and any other time we can, we take time to go there and relax. I have moved everything in my room around and got my own bed. I still need to empty out all of the cupboards, the tricky thing is that it is all bank work that my parents and I don’t know what to do with.

This is the view from the back of the house.

This is me and my family out on the water.

This is the yard, and some deer.

My papa owns a house on one side of the bay (it is 5 acres) and on the other side is a bigger property of just forest (it is 32 acres). At one time my past relatives owned the whole bay but my great aunt and uncle split up and sold one third of the bay to some other people. Eventually more of my family passed away and their parts of the bay were lost to other families. But with my papa’s, and cousins property combined we own one third of the bay.

I hope you guys liked this post. Please comment down below a description of your house.

Bye and have a cake-filled day 😀




November 16, 2017
by Jayden

Air House

Hi and welcome back.

Yesterday I went to air house with my  sister and my friend Kassidy.


We had so much fun, there was a lot to play on like big and super bouncy trampolines. There were a lot of other kids at first so it was hard to get on things. They also had a little obstacle course which you could change to your liking. Kassidy and I were climbing the diagonal trampoline with other people to get to the top.We fell a couple times but we eventually got up. I was surprised on how much stuff was  in the building because it seemed so small. My sister and I were swapping trampolines for fun and we were climbing up the stairs and jumping off. It  was a lot of fun and I totally recommend going there if you live close to or in British Columbia Canada, but if you live farther away it might not be worth travelling that far for it.

Thanks for reading my post!

Bye and have a cake-filled day 😀





November 4, 2017
by Jayden

Mysterious Murder?!

Just so you know, this is all fake and simply a story I made up. But I do use some real facts about the location and the bay that I live beside. Also, maybe don’t read this if you don’t like spooky stuff. Enjoy!

 Lake Edison by starlight


Bam! A gunshot from across the bay. We were having a peaceful campfire on the beach, talking about whatever it is we were talking about. Us three girls went silent at exactly 10:00pm when we heard what could have been murder. A scream arose from the darkness and not one second later an ear piercing gunshot only about 2 kilometers away.

“What in the world of ducklings was that?!” screamed Brittney as she accidentally flung her half roasted marshmallow into her long blond hair.

“It was just your imagination you dumb blond!” said Summer jokingly.

“No no no I heard it too! I think your are the dumb brunette  right now, Summer.” said Katy in a more serious tone. They put out the fire and ran inside fearing what that series of sounds could have been.

Later that night, at exactly 11:00, Summer was awoken by another haunting scream followed by another gun shot. She thought it was her imagination, but no, it couldn’t be! This one sounded as if it was just down the street. She didn’t wake up the other girls because she didn’t want to cause panic.

In the morning she told them what had happened.

“Could it be a serial killer! Umm what do we do?” Katy was thinking out loud. You could tell she was nervous and scared, they all were.

“Should we move? You know in case they are after us too! Oh no what if they are trying to get us to leave.” Brittney was getting overly suspicious of the situation. They thought and thought of what to do but the only solution they could find was to call the cops, and so they did. “Ring, ring” The telephone rang but no pick up? This wasn’t right, the police respond to every call! They tried again. “Static” there was no ringing. Only empty haunting static.

“Has some one cut the telephone lines!” Screamed Summer, she was almost crying. They knew they had to get out of there. Where to? That they did not know. They loaded some necessary stuff into the van and began driving. Katy had family across the border in the U.S.A. but they were already an hour into driving and they left their pass ports behind. They decided to go into the next hotel.

They found their room, number 12. At exactly 12:00 Another, BANG, this time it was a floor above them. They called the cops again but the police had to drive 30 minutes to get there which is not ideal when you are being followed by gunshots. They arrived and surveyed the area locking all doors so no one could get in or out. they questioned every one there, including us.

“What times were the shots heard?” asked one officer. “Around 10:00pm, 11:00pm and-” Brittney paused “-Oh my mother of ducklings!”

“12:00pm?” guessed the officer. The strange thing was that 10:00pm and 11:00pm are close times, but 12:00 pm is the middle if the day and the others are at night. Why choose this time to strike? The officer assured they’d be safe if they stayed the night at the station so they did.

They didn’t hear any shots through the night. Did that mean they were safe? No it didn’t because they couldn’t just live at the station. Or could they?

After 3 days the officers decided that they needed to return home. They stayed at a hotel, not the same one of course, for the next night. As they guessed at 1:00pm just after lunch, another one! This time no scream. “What could they want!?”

Try to finish the story in your own way in the comments! I will choose the one that I like best and use it as a part 2 for the story.

Bye and have a cake filled day! 😀


– Mathias Rodriguez – via Compfight

October 20, 2017
by Jayden

Crazy Makeup Trends

Hi Guys and welcome or welcome back to my blog, this probably isn’t going to be very interesting to those of you who are not interested in make up but for those who are, it should be more appealing. I am not intending to be a huge beauty blogger or anything but I don’t know what my future has in-store. This blog post is about viral make up hacks and styles VS what I wear every day.

I would never wear  any thing to crazy in terms of make up, just the average eyeliner, mascara and sometimes concealer. I use concealer under my eyes when I didn’t get enough sleep the night before and I get marks under my eyes. Mascara is obvious, I use it for its intent, on my eyelashes. I use eye liner on my upper and lower eye lids but I usually don’t bother to fill in my water line as I know that that will just be washed away though out the day.

A lot of makeup trends I honestly think are pretty crazy! I mean who comes up with feathered brows or dripped lips?Image result for feathered brows (Image) Image result for drip lips(Image)

Some, however, I think are pretty cool and beautiful. I really like cut creased eye shadow and ombre lips. I do appreciate how much effort and skill it takes, but I don’t think I would have the patience to do any of these crazy trends.

Image result for cut crease (Image) Image result for ombre lips(Image)

Let me know if you wear makeup or not? Also what trends seem cool to you and what are some that drive you crazy!

Have a cake-filled day 😀




October 20, 2017
by Jayden

Good Bye School!

I have had such an amazing year and I’m so happy that I had this blog and I want to thank everyone who visits my blog and reads my posts, you have helped me learn a lot about blogging and other technology. I really hope that next year I get the same teacher (Ms.Smith) because I loved this year.

While we were blogging I learned so much! I learned about commenting, and not sharing personal info on your blog. I learned how to upload media to your blog really just how to use edublogs and what its like to run a blog. I am so sad that this year ends on Thursday and for me this year went by really fast.

September 26, 2017
by Jayden

I’m In Grade 7 now!?

Hey Guys and welcome Back! Or, welcome if you have not seen my blog before.Back to School 2012 - U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys, South Korea - 27 August 2012

I am not in Mrs. Smiths class this year, I am with another teacher, so my writing style might be a little bit different. We are not required to continue our blogs this year but I think that it probably won’t hurt and its not like I’m writing posts during school hours any more. For those of you that have seen my blog before this might not be all that interesting for you because this post is just what I intend to be posting, and a bit about what blogs are like for me.

So lets start with {what and when} I intend to be posting. Now none of this is a promise because I’m not always going to have time to be posting. But I think that most of My blog, now at least, is going to be kind of free style and random.

I’ll probably be writing some stories because some times I just have  burst of creativity and don’t know what to do with it. However I won’t be doing any of the class projects because obviously I’m not in “the class” of blogging.

I really like blogging and I think its kind of a thing that either you like it or you don’t. There’s not much of an in between. But for me, I do like it and especially when I learn new ways to use computers, coding, what photos don’t have copy right and how to find them… I could go on forever! Any way I really like blogging and if you don’t or you don’t think its something that appeals to you, definitely give it another chance.

Are you new to blogging or have you done it in school before?

Good Bye for now and don’t forget to have a cake-filled day! 😀


Creative Commons License USAG- Humphreys via Compfight

June 13, 2017
by Jayden

My Adventure at Camp!

Have you ever seen an opossum? Well now I have.
We (My class) had an exiting adventure at Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Center and like I said I saw an opossum! I had never seen one before and honestly they are pretty creepy. I also made some mistakes at camp which lead to some life lessons. These are some of the lessons I learned at camp.
Make the best of all situations 
I learned to make the best of all situations because of a few things, for example I personally don’t enjoy rock climbing on rock walls (But I like climbing on things that are not climbing walls) and that was one of the activities we did there. I did it and I had fun even though it wasn’t my favorite. Another example was one night at dinner some of my friends were sitting at a table that was full so me and one of my other friends had to sit at a table all by ourselves. I know that it is hard but you really should try to have fun as much as possible and even if you are in your cabin and there are a lot of spiders above your bed. (that’s me)
Even though we only spent a few days there I am sure that I will remember this for a life time, but I will also probably remember the mistakes I made like not…
Being prepared 
I wasn’t as prepared as I should have been, for example I got pretty sun burnt! Remember sunscreen I did bring it, but one day I forgot to put it on. Although I got sunburn I also froze one day. I only brought some T-shirts a sweater and a thin rain coat and now I know now that next year I need to pack more layers of cloths. Again this is about packing so once you are there its not like you can really fix it unless you borrow a friends stuff like I did sometimes. I also under estimate the weather quite often even when I’m at home, I did it again. I didn’t think that I would need sunglasses but I did. Luckily the instructors got you covered, they will give you blankets if you need them but our cabin was heated. And because of that I really learned to…
Trust the instructors
They are there to make sure that you are safe so don’t expect them to do something like drop you while you are in your harness. I thought that the 30 ft. pole in leap of faith was about to break when I was up there but I convinced myself that I was safe and that when I jumped the instructor would catch me. The instructors/leaders work very hard to keep you safe and when playing games they will try to catch the cheaters and make them sit out but there will always be cheaters in games. It’s important to trust the instructors but also to trust each other. You should trust your friends, not just your closest friends but also your class mates. We played many games and I hoped it would be a fair game and I could trust people not to cheat and of course a few people cheated, that’s expected, but not too many.
Those are some of the life lessons I learned from this amazing journey at camp. I hope next year I will be able to go again and if I do I will remember these helpful and meaningful lessons, hopefully 🙂

April 21, 2017
by Jayden

My Geo-Bunny

At school, in math, we are doing geometry and this was a fun art/math project called Geo-bunny.

My bunny’s name is Indiana Bouncer, he is a huge fan of Indiana Jones and because of that he has developed super reflexes, strength and just amazing adventure skills. In his hands is his hat, that is his one weakness, because if he loses that hat he will leave you! But if he has good care, his hat and food (specifically chocolate) he will serve you and find all the chocolate you could dream of.

I really liked this project except that I thought it took too long to finish the math part of it.

That’s my bunny. Would you like to do this project with your class? Are you learning geometry at your school? If not what are you doing in math?

Bye and have a cake filled-day



April 4, 2017
by Jayden

I Love Painting!

I love to paint, my whole family is pretty fond of art actually. Except my sister of course, she doesn’t like it that much. My dad doesn’t generally paint that much anymore because he doesn’t have the time to, but me and my mom are still painting machines!

I have alot of Paintings and this is definitly one of my favourites,
Its simple, a mountain, trees and some geese.But I think I like it so much because of the blending in the sun set

We have a place in our kitchen just for painting. It has drawers full of paints, brushes, sponges and glitter glue. Holy cow, I sounded like Dr Seuss for a moment there! We have a shelf with an easel and other stuff to paint with.

When we are finished our paintings, well, we both do different things. My mom usually donates her’s to YANA (You Are Not Alone) or she gives them to a friend of hers. However, I hate to see my art go so I usually find a place to put it up in my room.

I always use Acrylic paint because I like how quickly it dries and how well it blends. I am currently working on a fish, it is all very new to me because the water is very hard to get the right texture. The fins kinda swish in the water too and its just really hard to get right. This is how far I have gotten

Do you like to paint? Why or why do you not? Do you know of any other types of art that you think I should try?

Bye and have a cake-filled day!

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