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Emergency kit



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Today I will tell you what you should have (or at least what I have!) in an emergency kit.  Your kit should have enough supplies to get you through 72 hours. Water, Bandages, dried food, canned food, can opener 🙂 survival blankets, gloves, wipes, garbage bags (to keep things dry) mask, whistle, flares, scissors and or knife, matches or lighter, Flash light and toilet paper. That’s all that we have in ours, what do you think we need or left out?

Bye have a cake-filled day



  1. this is sapphire2 that was very useful information but you forgot somehting you should also bring hand warmers or poket warmers

    • Hi Sapphire,
      Hand warmers are a good idea and I will be sure to add them when I get home. I also realize we should probably pack an emergency cell phone in case we cant get to our phone in time. Do you have an emergency kit?
      Bye and have a cake-filled day

      • Hi Jay, I’m glad to read that you’re thinking about ways to be safe in an emergency. After reading your blog I realized that we don’t have any dog food in our emergency kit! I’ll get on that 🙂

        • Hi Mo- I mean Cori 🙂
          Dog food is definitely needed because when kirby get human food she get sick 😛 I think we also need a small hammer and nails incase we need to build a shelter.
          Bye and have a cake-filled day
          Jayden (^v^)

  2. I liked the story it told me what to put in a survival kit. I wish you put more like a drill you do or something. I wonder uh you should put some cloth in case some one needs it. You should also have like medical glue just in case. Please come visit my blog here’s my URL http://blog.elanco.org/groff67c/ comment and visit my friends blogs. Your site is on my side of my blog check it out.

    • Hi Brooklynn,
      I think medical glue would be a good idea. I also forgot to add some kind of cell phone or radio so that we can communicate with someone if needed.
      Bye have a cake-filled day
      P.S. I will add you to my sidebar 🙂

  3. Hey Jayden, it’s Courtney! I put you on the Side bar of my blog.

    I like that you put what you need in a Emergency kit.
    I wish you would of put were you need a Emergency kit.
    Why do you need all the stuff in a Emergency kit.

    Come to my blog again: http://blog.elanco.org/reicha283/

    • Hi Courtney,
      I put you in my sidebar too 🙂 I think we need all the stuff because what if there was a major earthquake and all shelter was gone! How would you survive? So we have this emergency kit that will keep us safe for about 3 days. Do you have an emergency kit?
      Bye and have a cake-filled day

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