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Hi everyone,

Disneyland is the place you think of when you think of fun, or an amazing amusement park! But what is Disneyland really like? If you have every been to Disneyland (and I’m talking about L.A.) then you probably know it’s the trip of a lifetime! It was my first ever plane ride which was in March 2016.

Day 1

The first plane left Comox at 6:00 AM and ended in Calgary at 8:00 AM, the actual ride only took 1 hour 40 min but there is a time change between Comox and Calgary. I ordered biscuits (cookies), a sandwich and some sprite. When we landed in Calgary it was about 8:38 AM. We had a more healthy breakfast at the airport which helped kill an hour but there was still about 1 hour to wait. Then finally we got on the next plane at 10:30 AM. This plane was a lot better than the last one, more space, small TV screens, more comfortable and a much smoother flight. We then landed at about 12:42 we got out of the airport and got a cab to take us to our hotel and it was paradise! It had a brick walk way with banana trees and palm trees lining it. It had a beautiful pool and an amazing water park with a jungle gym, a huge water slide and a hot tub! Just think this was only the hotel and it wasn’t even in Disneyland! When we got to our room we settled in for that day because the next day was going to be big.

Day 2

We woke up the next morning, had breakfast and head out for what we thought was going to be a fun day but when we got there we were all already sweaty and tired from how much warmer is is there and we were “Randomly selected for a special check” according to the police that are there! So we stood there for about 30 min and finally they got us through but that wasn’t all! The line to actually get in was so long it went all directions just so it would stay in the entrance area! So we stood in the line for what seemed like all day but it was more like 1 hour. When we once again got though, we had made it through the amazing gates of Disneyland! My mom knew that the Pirates of the Caribbean ride was amazing so we went straight for that but we got a little distracted because me and my sister are both monkeys (meaning we love climbing not that we are silly however we are that to!)  and we saw a Tarzan’s treehouse activity. I say “activity” because it wasn’t really a ride, it was a tree house that you can walk and climb around on. It also had rooms playing scenes from the movie. After that we when on to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride but the line was pretty quick, about 20 min but we saw times that it went over an hour! The ride was one of my favourite because it was very realistic, you are a Pirate in a rowboat with a few others and you are exploring the Caribbean when you pass Jack Sparrow battling and “Sploosh!” a cannon ball lands in the water beside you!  Then we visited the haunted house! It was really good, it had hologram ghosts, pop up jump scares and even mirrors that made you look like a werewolf! This was a fun way to start our trip. Then that night, as all nights we look out our hotel window and watch the fireworks as we fall asleep.

Day 3

The next day when we woke up we had breakfast and all that jazz! And When we got to disneyland we went to sleeping beauty’s castle (The amazing Disney castle!) Inside is not much except a story walk of sleeping beauty, however the outside is amazing! You can see it from almost all of the park and well, it’s the amazing castle so I don’t know it just seemed somehow magical 🙂 After that we went into the “courtyard” and rode Dumbo’s flight which is where you are riding Dumbo and you can controll him to make him go up and down as you are spinning at increasing speeds! Next, we did Mr. Toad’s wild ride which is where you are basically Mr. Toad and Mr. Toad drives all over the place so it is a roller coaster that runs through the town that mr. toad live’s in and it make sharp curves and swirls as you drive. Then Nemo’s submarine. This was really cool because you were in a real submarine! As you umm, drive, float, swim I don’t really know how to put that   Anyway In the water there is holograms of nemo and his friends. It really wowed me and my dad because we couldn’t figure out how the holograms worked under water! Do you know how that works? Splash mountain! My absolute no doubt about it, most amazingly amazing, my favourite! Splash mountain is a ride and it is themed around Brer rabbit, you know Zippidy doo da, zippidy day! And you are slowly going up a mountain looking at sence and all of a sudden Weeeeeeeeeeeeee it is a 50 foot plunge almost straight down! As I said earlier absolute favourite 😀

Next we did Pixie hollow which is a tinkerbell adventure. I wasn’t to keen on this but we did it anyway because my sister and mom wanted to and when we got there the line was 40 min! That might not sound like a lot but when you are standing in the blazing heat it sure feels like a long time! It was kinda cool when we got in though because it made you look small be putting huge blades of grass and huge flowers everywhere. We walked along a path and met tinkerbell and another fairy that I don’t know the name of 🙂 She wears a blue sparkly dress and has black hair and I think she does something with water in the movie? Tell me in the comments what her name is if you know. The whole experience was about 2 min. So it really wasn’t worth the wait 🙁 Next we did the mad Tea Party which is a roller coaster that takes you through the storyline of Alice in Wonderland. We headed back to our hotel and later that night we went back and saw the night parade. It was fun but to late and it was very intense because it hand flashing lights and loud music. It was good but it made me kinda nauseous because I was so tired and it was just too much for me and my sister so we left early.

Day 4

Then next day we did My second favourite and most impressive, Soarin’ Over California. It was a ride that put you in a seat in front of a giant screen then the seat lifted about 2 feet of the ground just to make the illusion more effective, that’s right I said illusion! The big screen then showed yourself in a first person view of a bird I guess! It made it look like you were flying over orange fields and hanging out with hang gliders in mid-flight! It was really cool and my whole family enjoyed it. Next we did the Redwood Creek challenge…. OK this one is good but confusing, It is kinda a mystery you need to solve by following tracks and climbing through obstacle courses. We didn’t really do the mystery solving, we just had fun doing the obstacles and stuff 🙂 Then it was off to The Little Mermaid! It is a ride that takes you along the storyline (as most do) of The Little Mermaid. Next the Golden Cypher which is a ride like Dumbo and it goes spinning around and up and down.  Next The Jumping Jellyfish, this is a ride where you are riding a jellyfish and the jelly fish goes up and down really high which my dad doesn’t like because he is scared of hights. Last for today was the carousel, it’s just a carousel really nothing special 🙂 We did all that in 3 days (not including getting there) and I was exhausted! I was very glad we decided to take the next day off.

Day 5

Well as I said we took the day off so we didn’t really do anything besides eat and sleep!

Day 6

Next day we did Tuck & Roll’s Drive em’ buggies, well I should say my mom and sister did them while me and my dad got more food yummy! The ride is just bumper cars themed around the movie bugs life. Next was Radiator springs racers. This was fun but it had the longest line ever! The line was 2 hours! The ride is where you are in a race car and it zooms around dodging obstacles and flying around corners.

Day 7

Unfortunately this was our last day so we got as much done as possible. First we did The Enchanted Tiki Room. This is a fun and funky looking tiki hut and inside are puppet parrots (he he puppet parrots is fun to say) and they start dancing and singing it is hilarious and fun. Next we did my 3rd favourite Indiana Jones Adventure. It is a roller coaster that does a lot of the stunts Indiana does in the movies. (getting chased by a rock is the best) Next is Tonnie Town. It is a little town that you can walk around in that is home to Mickey, Minnie, Donald (no not Donald Trump!) and other characters from those shows. Next we did Storybook Land! It is a canal that takes you through a series of disney stories. Last but not least we did Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. It is one that I know a lot of people like but personally I didn’t enjoy it too much 🙁 It is a roller coaster and targets pop up that you have to shoot and at the end you can compare your score to every one else’s.

Last day :’(

Last day :’( We left at lunch time, had lunch on the plane and pretty much the same as the beginning. Hope you enjoyed reading about my trip 🙂 Have you ever gone to disneyLand? If so what are your top 3 favourite rides? If not Do you want to and do you live closer to Disney World (Florida) or closer (like me) too Disneyland (California)

Bye and have a cake-filled day


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