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Hi everyone,

Welcome to my second post!

If you have read my About Me page then you know that I play guitar! I would call myself an almost amateur because I have only been playing six or seven months now. Here is a scale of how I would rate myself:


If you didn’t get that, the ! is where I would rate myself 🙂

Some of the songs I know are Stubborn Love by Larkin, Riptide by Vance Joy, Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, Firework by Katy Perry and Seven Years by Lukas Graham.

I play acoustic Coal Yard Coffee Music
and I don’t own an electric1981 Gibson Sonex 180 Deluxe
but if someone lends me one I can play it. I go to Long & McQuade
for lessons and I love my teacher!

Tell me in the comments if you want me to do a “how to play” blog on one of these songs!

Bye for now and have a cake-filled day!


Picture credit: acoustic guitar: Rob Slaven via Compfight electric guitar: Freebird via Compfight







  1. Hey Jayden!
    A “How to play” on one of those does sound like a good idea! I’ve heard the songs you’ve mentioned, and their quite nice! I have wanted to play Guitar for a while, but I haven’t really been able to get a guitar… Aw well. =P
    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Kimberly,
      If you want to buy or rent a guitar, Long & McQuade has some pretty awesome deals!
      you can also get lessons for cheap but if you want you can always learn off of youtube and the internet 🙂
      I will do a how to play in the future,
      Bye for now and Have a cake-filled day

  2. Hi Jayden,
    I also play the guitar. I’ve been plying for a while now and I think that’s its awesome that you play too. I own both an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar. I like Gibson guitars and definitely recommend one for you to get. I can tell you like more modern music but I’m more into rock and roll. I hope you have fun playing!
    From Enzo

    • Hi enzor1,
      As you can tell I like modern and pop music. I do like rock but I prefer modern and pop. I’m learning cake by the ocean next it is challenging but fun! I’m thinking about doing lost boy too what do you think of those?
      Bye and have a cake-filled day

  3. Hi Jay,

    I really don’t Intend on play the guitar but we might play them in Music this year and you will be a pro. I am more of a ukulele person! I am really good at playing it and sometimes me and Adria play together. I think that you should teach us how to play a song on your blog! It would be really awesome for some one that doesn’t know how to play like me.

    Have a great day,
    ~Kayley <3

    • Hi Kayley,
      I definitely will do a how to play blog and maybe you could do one on ukulele! I do really hope we play guitar this year for music because I love it and I think it would be fun to watch other people learn.
      Bye, Have a cake-filled day

  4. Hi Jayden,
    That is cool that you have such a interest in playing guitar. Personally I don`t really have a favorite instrument but I do like playing the ukulele. Keep up the good work cant wait to read more posts
    Sincerely Kaiya

    • Hi Kaiya,
      I really recommend trying out an instrument because it is really fun and I’m hoping when I get better maybe me and my other friends (You if you want) could form a band! I love ukulele but I find it really easy which is why I decided to play guitar.
      Bye and have a cake filled day

  5. Hi Jaden,
    I play an instrument as well, except I play clarinet. I also do band at for my school.
    All of those songs you mentioned I like and have heard except for ‘stubborn love’. My favourite out of those songs is ‘riptide’.
    Hope you enjoy playing Guitar and enjoy your day!
    Bye! 🙂

  6. hello Jayden,
    I think it is really cool that you play guitar! I got a electric guitar for Christmas two years ago but I don’t play it very often any more. I don’t really know how to play guitar but I think it would be really cool to learn someday! Well goodbye and have a nice day!
    sincerely, Abbey

    • Hi Abby, I like guitar, obviously, but I’m actually not a fan of electric, it often sounds better but the strings are finer and hurt my fingers more.But that might not be the some for you. I encourage you to try learning but it’s not for everyone so you might like it or you might not like it. Who knows.
      Bye, Have a cake-filled day!

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