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I am happy to tell you about my pets! I have a pretty old pug named Kirby. She’s 13 in human years which is 91 in dog years! She has trouble breathing as most pugs do because their faces are so smooshed into their heads (that sounded better in my head!). It is not painful for them but it does cause breathing problems and laziness, though it seems they get lazier as they get older. Kirby’s original name was Kirbobolis (wow, I had to have help spelling that!) Anyway, when my mom realized she was having me she decided to simplify Kirbobolis to Kirby. Mark Dumont via Compfight

My second pet’s name is Dusty. No, it’s not because he is dusty all the time! Dusty is 2 years old Name to be confirmednow which is 14 in dog years and his birthday is December 8th. He is a black lab and??? We don’t know what else he is because his mom was lost when she mated. I personally think he is lab/border collie because if you go to Google images and search that it looks a lot like him.

 jim crossley via Compfight


I decided to add one more pet into this blog even though unfortunately he died when I was three :,(   Anyway, his name was King. He was a mutt so there isn’t really anything to reference him on but I found two breeds which look similar to him were French Briard and Berger Picard.


 Ronnes Jacobs via Compfight  Those are three of my pets. Tell me what and who your pets are, or if you don’t have any pets what pet do you want?

That’s all for now. Have a cake-filled day 🙂



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