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December 3, 2016
by Jayden

Jo-Jo and Bobby (A story)

Holiday SnowMan

ClaraDon via Compfight

It was the first snowfall of the year and me and my sister went out to play in the snow but then we realized that there were footprints in the snow! We were confused because it wasn’t dog, deer, bird, raccoon or cat prints. Then we realized there were two sets of prints! That’s when we realized there were two snowmen hiding behind Oaty! (That’s what we call our huge tree.) I thought it was just that my mom and dad built them when we were sleeping but my sister, as always, thought it was magic.


Our curiosity brought us toward them and when we each laid a hand on their hats they seemed to shiver and move! My sister and I jumped back and I whacked my head on a root. The snowmen continued to shake until finally the one that I touched smiled and waved! My sister jumped up and hugged the snowman while I was too freaked out to move! Then the other snowman did the same.

“Hello” They said in unison, my sister still clinging to one. “I’m Jo-Jo” said the one that I woke up. “And I’m Bobby” said the other one. My sister stepped back and hugged the other one.

“Well Jo-Jo and Bobby,” I said “We gotta go now” I dragged my sister inside and told my mom what happened. She didn’t believe us, obviously but out of the corner of my eye I saw the snowmen just outside the window! I gestured to my mom to look out the window and she, seeing that I was trying to be subtle, glanced out the window

“Holly cowsers!” She screamed. She told us to stay inside all winter till the snow is gone because the snowmen freaked her out. This was crushing to me because I’ve been waiting all year to play in the snow because that’s my favourite thing to do!

I nodded even though I felt a slight sickness and tears brewing inside me. My sister however didn’t deal with it quiet as well, she ran to her room crying. My mom said we could go somewhere farther away like Mount Washington because there’s no way the snowmen could follow us up there. I heard my mom explaining that to my sister and my dad.

The next day we went to Mount Washington and had a lot of fun but after a few minutes Jo-Jo and Bobby tracked us down! My sister was happy but me, my Mom and my dad were kinda freaked out. (again) The snowmen then said to hop on their backs, My sister did but I just walked behind them. My parents followed us up a hill and then Jo-Jo said “If you’re not going to get on my back at least ride this. He made a toboggan out of snow then made two more for my parents. We decided it wouldn’t hurt to try so we got on them and slid down the hill.

It was the most fun I had had in a long time and my sister was in the lead because she was riding Bobby but I wouldn’t let that stop me! I swung my arms in circles to push forward and I was the first to reach the bottom!

In time we began to trust bobby and Jo-Jo and we had fun with them all winter but in february it started to warm up and my mom helped book a flight for bobby and Jo-Jo’s return home, (The North Pole.)

“Don’t worry” Said Jo-Jo “We will come back next December.” We all said our goodbyes and Bobby and Jo-Jo went home.

That was my half made up story, it’s half true because last winter we did make snowmen and named them Bobby and Jo-Jo but they didn’t really come to life. What did you like about this story and what do you think I could improve on? Please tell me in the comments

Bye and have a cake-filled day


November 28, 2016
by Jayden

Monster Mayhem!


This is a story that takes place back when monsters ruled the earth:

I heard the usual howling and roaring as I dozed off to dreamland. few seconds after I closed my eyes I heard a scream, but not a monster scream. I went outside to investigate and as I stepped onto my doorstep I almost tripped on a small basket. I assumed it was a gift or something until I read the note: Please take care of Nimma, it said.
I removed the blanket and I was surprised to see a small new girl of the species that we vampires called “humans!” I thought they were just a myth but apparently not. I took it into my house and called Coonia (my best friend).I explained what just happened and she said I should do what the note said and take care of it. So I made a bed for, umm, what should I call it? I read the note, Nimma, it said the name was. I made the bed out of a Phoenix feather pillow, the blanket that came with the creature and a rat-fur rug.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of Nimma crying. I then of course went  to check on her but all I found in her bed was a pinkish purple ferret! I thought the ferret ate poor Nimma but then it cried, the ferret cried! Not a ferret cry though a human cry! A Nimma cry! I had no idea what was happening! These thoughts raced through my mind, is the ferret mimicking Nimma? Did Nimma transform into a ferret? Or am I just imagining things? Is this a dream?

I did not know what to do so I called Coonia again. She didn’t believe me so I told her to come to my house. When she arrived Nimma was still crying. Coonia couldn’t believe her eyes! She told me to try feeding it and changing its diaper so I did, She stopped crying a few minutes after I changed her diaper and we figured that she was human at night and ferret at day. This was a problem though because ferrets are sly escape artists and everyday I would have to go and chase her through the yard which was mainly a problem because I’m a vampire so I can’t be in the sun too long or else I’ll start to burn.

Days passed and I was getting quite fond of this Nimma, but a note on my door the next day said
Time has passed now, you must hand over,
Little Nimma to her rightful owner.
Meet me at that special spot,
but be careful, It’s mighty hot.

I called Coonia again and she helped me solve the riddle, The volcano! It’s the sacred spot of the vampire and it is mighty hot! We decided to head out the next morning and to be prepared we packed sun hats (I can’t go in the sun remember), food, water, leash for when Nimma is a ferret, and a knife just incase. We met and my house and set off.

We started in the day so Nimma was a ferret and the leash didn’t work because she can wiggle her way out of any thing so we just put her in a small bag instead. We got to the start of the hill and already it was really steep! We found ourselves rock-climbing in no time and when we reached a ledge big enough to hold both of us we stopped to rest and enjoy the view. It wasn’t very enjoyable however because if you look down you’d probably faint! We kept going and when we reached the top we saw a large ferret, bigger than a normal ferret, about the size of a Lab dog.

She spoke in a calm yet threatening voice: “Give me Nimma.”

We did as she said, fearing that she was much more powerful that us. She scooped up Nimma and both of them transformed into human. It was hard to hand Nimma over but I knew that it was the right thing to do.

“Sorry for that rude greeting but what I heard was that vampires were dangerous, also thank you for bringing me my baby” she said more gently this time. “I thought you would harm me.”

This was insulting yet understandable, “We might look threatening but we mean you no harm,” explained Coonia.

Our conversation was cut short by a rumble. “We gotta get out of here!” I said, worried the volcano might explode. The others agreed and we rushed down the mountain. By the time we got to the bottom the rumbling had stopped and we didn’t see a sign of danger so Coonia asked “Why did you choose such a dangerous spot?”

The woman smiled and said that she wanted to make sure the monsters were at least a tad bit weak from climbing so when they reached the top they would be too tired to fight.

We continued walking and I asked, “Umm my name is Jayden, this is Coonia and what is your name?”

“Hannah” the woman replied. Then another rumble. We all ran out of there and  as far as we could until we realized the rumbling was not from behind us but rather in front of us! We stopped, confused and then we realized that the rumbling was from an orange, fuzzy and very large monster crying!  

We then were cautious and tip-toed toward him. “What do you want?” said the monster without raising his head.

We all hesitated then Hannah said “Are you alright? Can we help?” Coonia and I were shocked because it is rude to interrupt a monster’s sobbing time.

“Go get me a box of cereal!” said the monster.

“Ok but why do you need that?” said Hannah.

The monster didn’t reply so we just went to get him some cereal. We got him the best we could find: Loopy-O’s because he didn’t say what kind he wanted.

When we came back he wiped his eyes and looked up to eat the cereal. It was a nasty sight because the monster acted like he hadn’t eaten in months! We had kind of an interview with him and found out that he was kicked out of all grocery stores because he stole cereal daily! He only stole it because he didn’t have any money and he was allergic to anything except cereal? Well, I guess you can be allergic to just about anything! We asked him his name and he replied, “Snoozle.”

I welcomed him into my house and we all became good friends and we got along great! Coonia, Snoozle, Hannah and Nimma bought houses close by (I payed for Snoozles though) and we loved it there. Our next mission will be…

The end

You can comment suggesting the next mission and the first comment I will do. Please take care of Nimma, she is in my sidebar, please feed her and play with her.  

Hope you liked my story and picture. I had a lot of fun doing this.

Bye and have a cake-filled day


November 18, 2016
by Jayden

Disney Land!

california adventure

Creative Commons License Vincent Lock via Compfight

Hi everyone,

Disneyland is the place you think of when you think of fun, or an amazing amusement park! But what is Disneyland really like? If you have every been to Disneyland (and I’m talking about L.A.) then you probably know it’s the trip of a lifetime! It was my first ever plane ride which was in March 2016.

Day 1

The first plane left Comox at 6:00 AM and ended in Calgary at 8:00 AM, the actual ride only took 1 hour 40 min but there is a time change between Comox and Calgary. I ordered biscuits (cookies), a sandwich and some sprite. When we landed in Calgary it was about 8:38 AM. We had a more healthy breakfast at the airport which helped kill an hour but there was still about 1 hour to wait. Then finally we got on the next plane at 10:30 AM. This plane was a lot better than the last one, more space, small TV screens, more comfortable and a much smoother flight. We then landed at about 12:42 we got out of the airport and got a cab to take us to our hotel and it was paradise! It had a brick walk way with banana trees and palm trees lining it. It had a beautiful pool and an amazing water park with a jungle gym, a huge water slide and a hot tub! Just think this was only the hotel and it wasn’t even in Disneyland! When we got to our room we settled in for that day because the next day was going to be big.

Day 2

We woke up the next morning, had breakfast and head out for what we thought was going to be a fun day but when we got there we were all already sweaty and tired from how much warmer is is there and we were “Randomly selected for a special check” according to the police that are there! So we stood there for about 30 min and finally they got us through but that wasn’t all! The line to actually get in was so long it went all directions just so it would stay in the entrance area! So we stood in the line for what seemed like all day but it was more like 1 hour. When we once again got though, we had made it through the amazing gates of Disneyland! My mom knew that the Pirates of the Caribbean ride was amazing so we went straight for that but we got a little distracted because me and my sister are both monkeys (meaning we love climbing not that we are silly however we are that to!)  and we saw a Tarzan’s treehouse activity. I say “activity” because it wasn’t really a ride, it was a tree house that you can walk and climb around on. It also had rooms playing scenes from the movie. After that we when on to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride but the line was pretty quick, about 20 min but we saw times that it went over an hour! The ride was one of my favourite because it was very realistic, you are a Pirate in a rowboat with a few others and you are exploring the Caribbean when you pass Jack Sparrow battling and “Sploosh!” a cannon ball lands in the water beside you!  Then we visited the haunted house! It was really good, it had hologram ghosts, pop up jump scares and even mirrors that made you look like a werewolf! This was a fun way to start our trip. Then that night, as all nights we look out our hotel window and watch the fireworks as we fall asleep.

Day 3

The next day when we woke up we had breakfast and all that jazz! And When we got to disneyland we went to sleeping beauty’s castle (The amazing Disney castle!) Inside is not much except a story walk of sleeping beauty, however the outside is amazing! You can see it from almost all of the park and well, it’s the amazing castle so I don’t know it just seemed somehow magical 🙂 After that we went into the “courtyard” and rode Dumbo’s flight which is where you are riding Dumbo and you can controll him to make him go up and down as you are spinning at increasing speeds! Next, we did Mr. Toad’s wild ride which is where you are basically Mr. Toad and Mr. Toad drives all over the place so it is a roller coaster that runs through the town that mr. toad live’s in and it make sharp curves and swirls as you drive. Then Nemo’s submarine. This was really cool because you were in a real submarine! As you umm, drive, float, swim I don’t really know how to put that   Anyway In the water there is holograms of nemo and his friends. It really wowed me and my dad because we couldn’t figure out how the holograms worked under water! Do you know how that works? Splash mountain! My absolute no doubt about it, most amazingly amazing, my favourite! Splash mountain is a ride and it is themed around Brer rabbit, you know Zippidy doo da, zippidy day! And you are slowly going up a mountain looking at sence and all of a sudden Weeeeeeeeeeeeee it is a 50 foot plunge almost straight down! As I said earlier absolute favourite 😀

Next we did Pixie hollow which is a tinkerbell adventure. I wasn’t to keen on this but we did it anyway because my sister and mom wanted to and when we got there the line was 40 min! That might not sound like a lot but when you are standing in the blazing heat it sure feels like a long time! It was kinda cool when we got in though because it made you look small be putting huge blades of grass and huge flowers everywhere. We walked along a path and met tinkerbell and another fairy that I don’t know the name of 🙂 She wears a blue sparkly dress and has black hair and I think she does something with water in the movie? Tell me in the comments what her name is if you know. The whole experience was about 2 min. So it really wasn’t worth the wait 🙁 Next we did the mad Tea Party which is a roller coaster that takes you through the storyline of Alice in Wonderland. We headed back to our hotel and later that night we went back and saw the night parade. It was fun but to late and it was very intense because it hand flashing lights and loud music. It was good but it made me kinda nauseous because I was so tired and it was just too much for me and my sister so we left early.

Day 4

Then next day we did My second favourite and most impressive, Soarin’ Over California. It was a ride that put you in a seat in front of a giant screen then the seat lifted about 2 feet of the ground just to make the illusion more effective, that’s right I said illusion! The big screen then showed yourself in a first person view of a bird I guess! It made it look like you were flying over orange fields and hanging out with hang gliders in mid-flight! It was really cool and my whole family enjoyed it. Next we did the Redwood Creek challenge…. OK this one is good but confusing, It is kinda a mystery you need to solve by following tracks and climbing through obstacle courses. We didn’t really do the mystery solving, we just had fun doing the obstacles and stuff 🙂 Then it was off to The Little Mermaid! It is a ride that takes you along the storyline (as most do) of The Little Mermaid. Next the Golden Cypher which is a ride like Dumbo and it goes spinning around and up and down.  Next The Jumping Jellyfish, this is a ride where you are riding a jellyfish and the jelly fish goes up and down really high which my dad doesn’t like because he is scared of hights. Last for today was the carousel, it’s just a carousel really nothing special 🙂 We did all that in 3 days (not including getting there) and I was exhausted! I was very glad we decided to take the next day off.

Day 5

Well as I said we took the day off so we didn’t really do anything besides eat and sleep!

Day 6

Next day we did Tuck & Roll’s Drive em’ buggies, well I should say my mom and sister did them while me and my dad got more food yummy! The ride is just bumper cars themed around the movie bugs life. Next was Radiator springs racers. This was fun but it had the longest line ever! The line was 2 hours! The ride is where you are in a race car and it zooms around dodging obstacles and flying around corners.

Day 7

Unfortunately this was our last day so we got as much done as possible. First we did The Enchanted Tiki Room. This is a fun and funky looking tiki hut and inside are puppet parrots (he he puppet parrots is fun to say) and they start dancing and singing it is hilarious and fun. Next we did my 3rd favourite Indiana Jones Adventure. It is a roller coaster that does a lot of the stunts Indiana does in the movies. (getting chased by a rock is the best) Next is Tonnie Town. It is a little town that you can walk around in that is home to Mickey, Minnie, Donald (no not Donald Trump!) and other characters from those shows. Next we did Storybook Land! It is a canal that takes you through a series of disney stories. Last but not least we did Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. It is one that I know a lot of people like but personally I didn’t enjoy it too much 🙁 It is a roller coaster and targets pop up that you have to shoot and at the end you can compare your score to every one else’s.

Last day :’(

Last day :’( We left at lunch time, had lunch on the plane and pretty much the same as the beginning. Hope you enjoyed reading about my trip 🙂 Have you ever gone to disneyLand? If so what are your top 3 favourite rides? If not Do you want to and do you live closer to Disney World (Florida) or closer (like me) too Disneyland (California)

Bye and have a cake-filled day


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November 17, 2016
by Jayden

Length of classmates hands!


Hi everyone,

Do you know how long your hand is?

Our class has been learning about data sets, mean, median, mode and range. We did experiments to practice and learn about data analysis.

Our Inquiry question:

How long is your hand from the wrist to the tip of your finger.


Our group didn’t need much except for a ruler and peoples hands!


We would take people’s hand and measure from the wrist to the fingertip with a ruler.

Control standards:

We needed to make sure that We always measured from wrist to fingertip, always used cm on a clear ruler and if it was not on a exacted number than we round to the closest cm.


I predicted that the average length will be 16 Cm.

Our data:

Then we did the experiment and here is our data organized.


Mean: 16.6

(how to calculate) 15+15+15+16+16+16+16+16+16+16+17+17+17+17+17+17+17+18+18+20÷20=16.6

Median: 16.5

(how to calculate) 16+17=33÷2=16.5

Mode: 16, 17

(how to calculate) Take the most common number, there can be more than one.

Range: 5

(how to calculate) largest number 20 subtract smallest number 15 is 5

The mode would be the best average because it is a size. (size of hand)


I was kinda right with my prediction because  I predicted that 16 would be the average and I was right but 17 was also an average. Do you know what the length of your hand is? Try measuring it right now!


If we were to extend this experiment I would sort it in to boy and girl to see if girls or boys had bigger hands.

Bye and have a cake-filled day


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November 15, 2016
by Jayden

Recommended songs!

Hi Everyone,

We all get that one song that is stuck in our heads for what seems like forever! Infact right now I cant get this amazing song outta my head! It’s called

Here’s to the Zeros by Marianas Trench

Marianas Trench

Lindsay Neilson Photos via Compfight                                                              https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKIPh1w4s18  Warning you the video is really really really weird! The video is based on a old TV show called Mr. Rogers Neighbourhood. If you ask you parents about that show they probably watched it as a kid. This song is my absolute favourite and it is so annoying because the song costs $1.29 and I have $1.21! It is so annoying! I also really like other Marianas Trench songs and I’m going to see their concert in february.

Lost Boy by Ruth B

(I couldn’t find a picture for this one)


This song was really big and I didn’t really bother listening to it because I figured it was just a trend that everyone was stuck into but when I heard the song I knew why! It is a good but slow paced song that tells the story of peter pan from a lost boy’s perspective. The trend has kinda gone now but I still like the song and I’m learning the guitar to it.

Taylor swift songs

celebrity scandal series, scott richard

Creative Commons License torbakhopper via Compfight

Any Taylor swift song is a good song but here’s my favourite Bad Blood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcIy9NiNbmo

Keep your head up by Andy Grammer

(Couldn’t find a picture for this one either)

This is a good song recommended by Kayley, you can see her blog here http://kayleyz12.edublogs.org/

And the song here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmrOB_q3tjo

7 Years by Lukas Graham


Creative Commons License Martin Jul Jönsson via Compfight


I’ve kinda lost interest in this but it is still a good song along with Chandelier by Sia


And Cheerleader by Omi


Those are some of my favourite songs. What are your favourite songs?

Bye and have a cake-filled day


November 2, 2016
by Jayden

Emergency kit


Leo Reynolds via Compfight


Today I will tell you what you should have (or at least what I have!) in an emergency kit.  Your kit should have enough supplies to get you through 72 hours. Water, Bandages, dried food, canned food, can opener 🙂 survival blankets, gloves, wipes, garbage bags (to keep things dry) mask, whistle, flares, scissors and or knife, matches or lighter, Flash light and toilet paper. That’s all that we have in ours, what do you think we need or left out?

Bye have a cake-filled day


October 25, 2016
by Jayden

What Home Means to Me

Family fun

Family fun

Creative Commons License Mario Antonio Pena Zapatería via Compfight

Hi readers,

Home to me is a place where all my family can have fun and be free. It is also where I know my friends and family have my back. Home is a place where I feel needed not useless. My home is not a what but it’s more of a where, where my family is. My home needs to be a safe place to live, sleep and eat. A home should be a place I feel comfortable and safe therefore it needs to be a cozy protected place that multiple people can be safe and happy. Home is a place were some rules are put in place, but it is still a very free and open place where no one is judged for being themselves.

That is what home is to me, what is it to you?

Have a cake-filled day


October 24, 2016
by Jayden

Recommended Movies

Hi everyone,

Harry Potter


I spent hours yesteay, and the day before, and the day before that just trying to watch all the Harry Potter movies! They may seem kinda “geeky” but in my mind the are not. My favourite ones are Chamber of Secrets and Deathly Hallows. I like Chamber of Secrets because I found my favourite character Dobie but later in the series he dies and my heart was crushed! I like Deathly Hallows because I think it was one of the most intriguing for me and I could watch it a million times and not get bored! I also would not recommend skipping over The Half Blood Prince because something unexpected happens to one of the main and most beloved characters!

Old Disney Movies 

WDW-43-50 - Walt Disney Characters

Now we have all these high-tech 3D movies but we seem to forget about the classic old Disney movies such as my favourite Pocahontas, Aladdin and even The Lion King! I know some of you still do watch these but the majority don’t. I would recommend these because I think they all are better written and thought out. I love the movie Pocahontas because it is educational and entertaining. I also like it because it has a lot of lovely music and it’s not like other Disney movies because back then all the movies were about pretty princesses or violent fighting and Pocahontas is a mix between them. Songs:



Little Coraline

I know this one is more for Halloween but I like it because it is kinda creepy but not terrifying. It is also one of the only Halloween movies that umm, doesn’t involve gruesome killing! (sorry I had to say that). I would not recommend watching this if you are under the age of four because I got nightmares when I watched it when I was four!

That’s all for now, do you have any recommended movies? Leave them in the comments.

Have a cake-filled day!

Jayden 🙂

picture credit: Harry Potter: Keripo via Compfight  Diney:   Tom Simpson via Compfight   Coraline: Ken McGowan via Compfight

October 21, 2016
by Jayden


Hi everyone,

Welcome to my second post!

If you have read my About Me page then you know that I play guitar! I would call myself an almost amateur because I have only been playing six or seven months now. Here is a scale of how I would rate myself:


If you didn’t get that, the ! is where I would rate myself 🙂

Some of the songs I know are Stubborn Love by Larkin, Riptide by Vance Joy, Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, Firework by Katy Perry and Seven Years by Lukas Graham.

I play acoustic Coal Yard Coffee Music
and I don’t own an electric1981 Gibson Sonex 180 Deluxe
but if someone lends me one I can play it. I go to Long & McQuade
for lessons and I love my teacher!

Tell me in the comments if you want me to do a “how to play” blog on one of these songs!

Bye for now and have a cake-filled day!


Picture credit: acoustic guitar: Rob Slaven via Compfight electric guitar: Freebird via Compfight






October 15, 2016
by Jayden

My Lovely Doggies

Hello readers,234A1419.jpg

I am happy to tell you about my pets! I have a pretty old pug named Kirby. She’s 13 in human years which is 91 in dog years! She has trouble breathing as most pugs do because their faces are so smooshed into their heads (that sounded better in my head!). It is not painful for them but it does cause breathing problems and laziness, though it seems they get lazier as they get older. Kirby’s original name was Kirbobolis (wow, I had to have help spelling that!) Anyway, when my mom realized she was having me she decided to simplify Kirbobolis to Kirby. Mark Dumont via Compfight

My second pet’s name is Dusty. No, it’s not because he is dusty all the time! Dusty is 2 years old Name to be confirmednow which is 14 in dog years and his birthday is December 8th. He is a black lab and??? We don’t know what else he is because his mom was lost when she mated. I personally think he is lab/border collie because if you go to Google images and search that it looks a lot like him.

 jim crossley via Compfight


I decided to add one more pet into this blog even though unfortunately he died when I was three :,(   Anyway, his name was King. He was a mutt so there isn’t really anything to reference him on but I found two breeds which look similar to him were French Briard and Berger Picard.


 Ronnes Jacobs via Compfight  Those are three of my pets. Tell me what and who your pets are, or if you don’t have any pets what pet do you want?

That’s all for now. Have a cake-filled day 🙂


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